In our solar system, there is a single unique planet that stands out from all the others.  This planet is earth. What makes earth special?  Well, all of the other planets have literally no life from what we can tell,  while planet Earth  is literally covered with life over nearly every part of the planet.  Everything here is alive from the trees, to the bacteria,  to small mamals, to insects, to fish, birds, huge animals, tiny animals, underground, and high in the mountains.


Here’s the real question:   Why?


Well, I believe I have stumbled upon the answer purely by accident, as I was just daydreaming when it struck me.  It all starts with the Sun.    The Sun is a giant fusion explosion 93 million miles away. Whats happening in the giant ball of gas is essentially hydrogen atoms are being super heated until they eventually collide and fuse together to form new elements.  Well, when this process happens,  and two hydrogen atoms fuse together, there is energy released from them which blasts towards outerspace  at the speed of light.  Well, we seem to think that this is just  energy in the form of light,  but what it really is are  parts of the two hydrogen atoms which were blasted away during the fusion process.  These parts, for now we’ll call them subatomic hydrogen particles, are launched so violently that they literally travel forever as long as their path is not blocked by an object.  We see the collision of these particles  as light because the particles are moving so fast that they are causing  subatomic explosions as they collide with other molecules.

Up to now,  this is nothing new.  Here’s where the life part comes in.  Everything that is alive  on Earth has one common factor:  everything relies on water.  Well, it just so happens that water is  two parts Hydrogen, and One part oxygen.  Oxygen is essentially an extremely explosive element.  All it takes to keep a fire burning is a supply of oxygen and nearly any other element.


Now,  notice that water is  two hydrogen  atoms,  much like the two hydrogen atoms that fused in the Sun to create the light we see.  And,  maybe it is that very fact that when the highly charged hydrogen  particles  from the Sun  come in contact with the oxygen  in water, then it creates an explosion of sorts, blasting the hydrogen atoms in the water apart, just in time for the super charged hydrogen particles  from the Sun to collide with the hydrogen molecules  from the water,  thus creating  what is essentially a larger molecule composed of  4 hydrogen  molecules and one oxygen molecule.


This process continued to take place until the molecule had the correct molecular makeup to  merge with other  gasses in the atmosphere like nitrogen, etc.  So,  what we take away from all of this is that life literally  built itself from nothing by combining hydrogen atoms densely packed in liquid water with the supercharged hydrogen sub atomic particles from the Sun using the oxygen atom as a catalyst to fuse  all 5 elements together into a larger molecule until eventually it built itself into what we see today.

Where did the water come from?  Well,  the oxygen on planet earth came from an event when a huge body collided with earth long ago.  This body became the Moon,  and the collison left behind a vast cloud of fused molecules which coincidentally formed oxygen from the fusion of two different elements.  Once the oxygen was in the air,  the hydrogen atoms from the Sun  had no problem igniting the oxygen molecules on their way through, causing particles to be flung in all directions, which eventually fused together to form water.

Let me know if you can think of any reason why this isn’t the case by posting a comment.

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  • I think water is beautiful and dsvurtctiee. Here are my reasons why. Beautiful= What would we do without water? We would get dehydrated which could cause us to die. Also, we wouldn’t have any waterfalls, lakes, oceans, rivers, streams etc. We wouldn’t be able to do our everyday work.Destructive= Water sometime causes tsunamis, floods, and droughts.However, you do have a good point. I like your post!

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