Prestige Calculator for Marvel Contest Of Champions

This is a simple, yet impressive single page web app for Marvel Contest of Champions that calculates the level of "Prestige" your team has based on Marvel's hero statistics. This project is actually 100% Javascript with only a few API calls to a backend service to save and load your heros.

Prestige Calculator

BlockWars v5.0

A massive online multiplayer game where you battle with people from around the world using match three style block matching.... with a twist... your matches destroy the opponent's board in a realtime block combat game.

Datafault.NET UX Presentation Page

The datafault.NET UX Presentation page written with Qt and compiled into WebAssembly. It honestly is not the best web page ever created, but the fact is that is does what few websites can do with the sprite animations, particle effects, and path animations, so it does well when it comes to conveying the message of "datafault.NET doing the impossible"

WordPress Administration Daemon

WPDaemon is a web-based Front End for Managing many different WordPress sites on a single machine. No longer is it necessary to install third party plugins on your site that can leave your site open to remote attacks and hackers who specifically search for and target those plugins when they find ways to exploit them. Not only that, but these third party plugins will often times slow your site down, leaving visitors wondering what happened when the page takes too long to load.
Instead, you can skip the third party plugins, and run the WPDaemon on your server, where only you can access it, on a totally different domain or IP address. As long as the WPDaemon can access the wp-config.php file of a site, it can do everything and more that the best third party software can do. Create users, post to blogs, make pages, change settings, manage comments, create new sites, upgrade installations/themes/plugins, install/remove plugins/themes, rescue your site when things go wrong, and much more.

Chess Blitz Cool-Down based Multiplayer Chess

Ever wanted played chess before and been in a situation where you wish you could only make two moves instead of one and you would win or destroy one of the opponent's best pieces? Well, now not only can you play by moving two moves at a time, you can move unlimited moves at a time!
In this game, each piece has a cooldown timer between moves, so you can theoretically create awesome combination moves to lay waste to you opponents in an online multiplayer battle!
But watch out, your opponent can do the same thing, so you never know when your next move could be lead you right into a trap...

Generic Web Platform

A PHP Based Generic CMS Platform Template that can be built on top of to create more complex CMS systems or web sites. Provides building blocks in an extremely concise API that can be understood by anyone with only basic knowledge of PHP.
Uses Code injection techniques to generate code based on parameters that you control.

Tower Defense VS

Tower defense Versus mode! Now play as either the bad guys by using available energy to generate enemies and gain more energy by travelling further into the enemy's base, or play as the defenders and build towers to stop them!

Online Multiplayer Game!