What is dark energy?  The answer is incredibly simple.


We have already identified the cause for the existence of dark energy:  the warping of spacetime by gravity.

What happens is this:  when spacetime is warped by a massive body, the spacetime that is OUTSIDE of the gravitation sphere of influence must stretch in order to allow for the spacetime around the massive object to create the classic "bowling ball in a blanket" shape.

If you notice, when the bowling ball goes into the blanket, it tugs at the sides of the blanket.   Well, this expansion of spacetime just OUTSIDE of  a gravity-induced warping of spacetime essentially has the opposite effect in that it speeds up the rate at which energy can pass through it, creating a pileup of energy that builds up and pushes on objects from outside of the gravity's warping of spacetime.

This build up happens as energy is able to travel at than the speed of light then suddenly spacetime warps and the speed of light becomes greater where spacetime is stretched, then suddenly slower where gravity begins to warp spacetime, this sudden slow-down causes energy to collide into the backs of the energy in front of it, whether it be from gravitational waves, light photons, or magnetic fields all moving at the speed of light and crashing into the energy directly in front of it.

The energy will eventually build up if the object has enough mass to warp spacetime, and then force the object away from other gravitational objects.

No breaking the speed of light, and no violation of the laws of thermodynamics.

Problem solved. You can send my nobel prize to me by calling 510-828-1089 for my address.

(this is my proof that I was the first to come up with his new understanding)

4:00AM PST  on Sunday, 8/9/2020


Mike Nickaloff


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