Voynich Manuscript Partially Discovered

February 3, 2020By mike@datafault.netUncategorized 20 Comments

Here’s my attempt to decode the mysterious Voynich Manuscript   And its actually quite clear that the part with the naked ladies dancing around matches the description in the book of Revelations. Specifically this passage seems rather coincidentally identical to what is in the bible (at least the version that I read .. I’m not … Read More

How to make a website appear darker

February 15, 2017By mike@datafault.netUncategorized

Ever wanted to turn a bright colored website into something a little bit easier on the eyes? With google chrome its incredibly easy. Open the Console with CTRL+SHIFT+C Press TAB Ten times  in order to focus on the code entry area (You will see a blinking cursor on the right if you look carefully) Use  … Read More