The easiest to use prestige calculator for Marvel's Contest of Champions, created by m1ke510a. All prestige data comes directly from mutamatt's prestige calculator, this is just a user-friendly way of accesssing that same information. Additionally, you can manage multiple summoner profiles if you use multiple accounts and sync them all up to a single facebook account very quickly and easily.

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If you recently suddenly became unable to load your heros on this page, and are still seeing the wrong heros,
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Sorry for the problems -- there was a bug which affected the database that stores hero data, but only happened when you attempted to load another summoner profile via the Profile Manager

If you still cant restore your heros, contact me via e-mail and I will attempt to do what I can to restore your heros on an individual basis.

You can always just create a new Profile and re-add them as well..


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Planned Features (currently unavailable):

  • Create Alliances by linking multiple Profiles together
  • Coordinate Hero Availability and Assignments with other members of your Alliance
  • See live prestige data for the entire alliance
  • Organize Path Assignments for AW and AQ
  • Organize Defensive Assignments for AW
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